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2012 Results

Finish Line Productions Events

Jingle Bell Rock


Age Group


Grape Stomp

Grape Stomp Overall By Division

Grape Stomp Age Group By Division


Ages 7 - 15

6 and Under


Dip and Dash Aquathlon #3

Swim Only

Aquathlon Overall

Aquathlon Age Group

Series Points coming soon.


Graniterock's Rock & Run


Age Group

Dirt Inspires

4 and 8 Mile Overall

4 and 8 Mile Age Group

Half Marathon Overall

Half Marathon Age Group


Tri Santa Cruz - Saturday Race

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Athletes #450 an #525 - Please identify yourselves to us.

Tri Santa Cruz - Sunday Race

Overall Results

Age Group Results

Dip and Dash Aquathlon #1

Overall Results

Age Group Results


Daffodil Duathlon

Sprint Age Group

Sprint Overall

Super Sprint Age Group

Super Sprint Overall

Relay Teams

Sprint Short Run

Run For The Parks

5K Age Group Results

5K Overall Results

10K Age Group Results

10K Overall Results


Timed Events

Bakersfield Triathlon

Olympic Overall

Olympic Age Group

Sprint Overall

Sprint Age Group

All Relay Teams

2012 Gilroy Kids Triathlon

Gilory Kids Tri Overall Finishers

2012 Stanford Treeathlon (Stanford Triathlon Club)

Collegiate Overall

Age Group

High School

Senior Games


2012 Go Green St. Patricks Day Run (Moshan Productions)

Go Green Half Marathon Overall

Go Green Half Marathon Age Groups

Go Green Half Marathon Short Course Overall

Go Green Half Marathon Short Course Age Groups

Go Green 10K Overall

Go Green 10K Age Groups

Go Green 5K Overall

Go Green 5K Age Groups

All other timed events are now hosted on on the event owner's race site.