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We've really been making an effort to cut the rampant waste we see at race sites and especially with goody bags filled with paper.




Last year we introduced our Water Monsters and compostable cups that eliminate bottled water waste at the finish line for our large races.

Any registration bags handed out will be biodegradable or reusable.

Charitable Giving

A portion of the proceeds from each of our events supports local sports programs as well as non-profit organizations.

We have donated over $60,000 to local school sports programs and charities since we started our company. We are really proud of that!






About Us

At Finish Line Productions we are committed to creating events where every athlete can be challenged and have fun. Our events include running, triathlon, duathlon, and training clinics. Our events won't be huge, but we hope you will walk away saying that they are some of the best events around. We have a specific philosophy about our events and the first thing is they have to be fun while still being challenging!

As an event company we value and appreciate your feedback so please let us know what you think and what we can do to improve our events, or give us suggestions for new events and locations.

It doesn't matter if this is your first race, or your 50th. Your experience should be one that you remember as one of your best. That's our commitment to you - fun, challenge, safety, great event locations and a professional attitude.

Santa Cruz is a great place to come and race - check it out!

Who's Who at FLP

Tim and Penni Bengtson

After years of commuting from Boulder Creek to Silicon Valley it was time to pull the plug and do something we felt passionate about -- having our own business! So we started Finish Line Productions to bring new races and event management services to the Santa Cruz and Northern California area. This experience has brought us into contact with a lot of awesome people - both athletes and race directors. Everyone on our staff has experience in running or triathlon and brings an athlete's eye to the creation and production of an event.

Tim is an electrical engineer and private pilot whose attention to detail enables us to have one of the most reliable race timing systems available today.

Penni is an Ironman triathlete and runner, a Level II Certified USAT Race Director and Coach.

The rest of our awesome crew!

Tiffany Williams, a USAT Certified Race Director, and works registration and timing to make sure that the timing comes off without a hitch and that she can decipher everyone's entry form handwriting! Plus she tracks all those timing chips so you know who you are! She's also an excellent coach and open water swimmer who will be leading some of our OWS participants.


Kelly Koffler our Volunteer Director, makes sure our athletes are well supported out on the course with the most cheerful and best volunteers araound. When Kelly's not working she's going to the gym and riding her new bike.


Ruth Callahan our Sponsorship Director is also a triathlete and avid golfer. When she's not training she's golfing with husband Roy.



Medical Director Caitlin Gigliotti makes sure everyone is safe and well taken care for everything from skinned knee or emergency on the course.

Page Mitchell works registration when she's not chasing her own SuerpKid son around.

Marshall Williams is our guy Friday who pretty much helps wherever he's needed.


Darryl Stone is our Transition and Operations guy who makes sure everything is set up by race time and ready for the athletes. Then he turns his attentionto direcitng the volunteers and athletes in and out of transition and on to the course.


Mike Bennett is our swim course coordinator extraordinaire making sure those waves go off on time, Mike is also a very accomplished swimmer and Ironman athlete.

Dave Reid our bike course coordinator who is bringing up a new generation of SuperKids, introducing his daughter to bikes at an early age! You might also see Dave around on some other courses as race director in his spare time.



The course crew is rounded out by Farrah Kemp, run course coodinator and social media maven, making sure that Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media sites are updated..


Last but certainly not least, our race annoucer Will Slocomb who keeps everyone entertained at the start and finish line and gets those awards handed out.