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The Darling House

Darling House

Built in 1910 this oceanside beauty, lighted by the rising sun through beveled glass, Tiffany lamps and open hearths, and the grace of genuinely open hearts, welcomes you to the area.

Our athletes are always welcome and the hosts are accommodating of your every need.

Check on rates and specials on their site.





Where to Stay In Santa Cruz

There's lots to do in Santa Cruz County and a great variety in places to stay, from hostels, to Bed and Breakfast Inns, Motels, and accommodations at the beach.

A good place to start is the Santa Cruz County Conference and Visitors Council if you are unfamiliar with the area. This site will provide a basic overview of all thereSCTG12 is to see and do in the area and will help you plan your visit. The official guidebook can be viewed by clicking on the photo to the right.

This is a good resource for hotels and motels and area activities.





IntHostelLogoThe Santa Cruz Hostel has some great accommodations located right downtown. There are individual and shared room cottages available, a large kitchen and a great yard with a deck, all located just blocks from the main beach and boardwalk area.



If you're looking for a motel or hotel room this listing is always up to date and has areas divided by location within the county.


There are some wonderful Bed and Breakfasts in the area as well. You'll want to check them all out but our pick for closest to the race site with one of the best views is the Darling House.